Long Live Wine Wednesday

In college, Wednesday nights were spent at fraternity houses with my sorority sisters with a box for Franzia at my side. Now, undergrad is done I can’t seem to figure out why a few of my friends think our college traditions (including Wine Wednesday) should be tucked neatly away into a suitcase and forgotten until we one day have a college-age daughter or son. Now, before you start to second guess, I am not trying to recreate a swap or mixer with the near by law school students, but I do believe there is not a good reason why the tradition of Wine Wednesday shouldn’t be carried on.


I can be found spending Wednesday nights cheating on my “no drinking during the week” rule, snuggled up on the sofa with something a little more expensive than boxed wine. (Why did I ever think Franzia was good?!) I believe that it is high time to expand my horizon and either invite a few of my besties over for “book club” or travel to The Boathouse to indulge in their Wine Wednesday specials. Either way I believe it’s our duty to continue the reign of this college tradition, post-graduation and cheers to making it through the first half of the work week!