Must Read Monday: The One & Only

As soon as I found out that Emily Giffin had a new book coming out I preordered it immediately! After reading Something Borrowed, I instantly was hooked and Giffin’s new book did not disappoint. A story told in a football loving Texas town, The One & Only takes you on a roller coaster of emotion, unconventional love, and finding yourself admits ┬álife’s critics.

To say that Shea Rigsby is a football fanatic, doesn’t hold a candle to how much she loves the sport. At thirty-three she continues to support her collage alma mater in Walker, Texas even working in the athletic department. Her best friend Lucy (daughter of Walker’s infamous football coach), pushes Shea to began her love life and take on new career goals. Shea plays along and even dates one of the most eligible bachelor’s of the Dallas Cowboys! Still, her heart belongs to someone else, too taboo in the small Walker community to ever admit…until she does.

Happy Reading!


Must Read Monday: Where We Belong

Something you may or may not know about me is that I always dreamed of being a television reporter. Thanks to college and an internship I soon realized that this was not something that I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life! With that being said, part of me still sees the VERY small glamorous aspect of the job and that’s why books featuring someone in the broadcast field always stick out. Today’s Must Read Monday is Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong; that tells the story of a woman who is consumed with her job as a television producer until life surprises her with a blast from the past.


With a handsome lover and busy career Marian Caldwell life seems fairly wonderful and complete. That is until eighteen-year-old Kirby Rose shows up on her doorstep to bring a flood of memories and ghosts from the past. Not only does this make Marian’s world spiral out of control, but it makes her realize that her live wasn’t as fulfilled as her initially thought.

Emily Giffin is a great writer and I’m sure you’ve read her book (or watched the movie) Something Borrowed. Her stories are always so real and will definitely make you think about your own life in a different light.