Kissing Hawaii Goodbye

After a three week hiatus due to a much anticipated trip to Hawaii – this blog post is long over due! Only getting to see your significant other will truly make you appreciate every moment and treasure the short time together. After three years, saying goodbye never gets any easier and I am counting down the days to Christmas! Since I am completely shameful that I haven’t been posting, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from my Hawaiian adventure with y’all! I sincerely hope you enjoy those photos as much as I do!


Happy New Year!

As the clock strikes twelve and you toast in the new year, I hope all of you remain thankful for everything 2013 has brought you and that you welcome 2014 with open arms! There is nothing like a new year to give you a fresh start with unlimited resolutions! Cheers!


Fab Find: The Glitter Guide

Other than Pinterest and J. Crew there truly isn’t a website that I regularly visit, until now! I have recently discovered The Glitter Guide and I couldn’t be more in love, which is exactly why it is a fab find!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.43.27 AM

Their Mission: “The Glitter Guide promises to provide you with glitz and glamour. Our newsletter offers fun, chic, and colorful lifestyle tidbits from fashion to fitness; each injected with a healthy dose of glitter.”

Say no more right?! From recipes and trends to fitness and beauty I have peeled this website down to the very bottom and everything is beyond useful, informative and inspiring! You must sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Pinterest!

Trust me, whether your a Southern Belle or Northern Beauty you will find The Glitter Guide as amazing as a I do!

I Am Second: Duck Dynasty

This is a beautiful mini-documentary featuring a few members of the Duck Dynasty clan. They give offer their testimony of how their struggles brought them closer to God to make them the faithful family they are today. I ask you to take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this powerful video!
You will not regret it!

Homecoming Day!

Today is the day that I have been waiting for for SIX months! I get to pick up my Solider from the airport for him to spend the Christmas at home!! There is nothing like having someone who means the world to you home during the holidays and we are so blessed that he is able to do so!

As long as we have been together and as many times as I have picked him up from the airport, I know I’m going to get butterflies when step on the escalator to get to “arrivals.” My palms will get sweaty and my heart will be racing for him to appear around the corner of the security line. While this is so cheesy to say, it is so true: after all these years my heart skips a beat the moment I see him again. Even though our time together will be short, I will be the happiest girl in the world when he arrives home!

Love is a beautiful thing!
I hope y’all are having a wonderful day as well!

A Little Thing Called Love

It was a crisp, fall Friday night and I was putting my cheerleading uniform on to cheer for my high school’s football team. Like so many of my fellow classmates we lived for Friday night spent under the lights of our small town “stadium.” Little did I know that that night would be one that I would still remember eight years later.

I noticed him right away. We went to church camp together when we were kids and he was from a neighboring county, a rival of my high school’s football team. He was tall, lanky and had piercing blue eyes that could stop you dead in your tracks. It was that night that we began “talking” {as we referred to it then} and just a few short months later he would ask me to be his girlfriend. Today marks the eighth year anniversary of that day.

Our relationship as been anything but easy. Right out of high school I went to the University of Alabama and during that time he moved to the southern part of Virginia to work. During my sophomore year of college I became incredibly sick. I returned to Virginia and he was by my side the entire time, even when I gave him every opportunity to leave. After I was finally better, he decided to join the Army and now he has been a United States Solider for more than two years. Needless to say, our hometown romance turned into a long distance love that we have held onto for quite sometime.

We always joke about how people ask us relationship advice when we have only dated each other. Long distance relationships are not something I’d want any couple should go through! It is really hard and can make you crazy, depressed and even insane. Our biggest motivator is that we both wanted to accomplish so many goals and we were each other’s biggest support. I wanted to go to college and get a degree and he wanted to serve his country just as his father and grandfathers had done.  Simply,  our ability to not be selfish is what has gotten us through is.

I know being in a long distance relationship will not be forever. We will be able to live our happy ever after one day and when that day comes I will be the happiest girl in the world. I am so lucky to have found the man of my dreams at sixteen and to have had eight wonderful years with him! Cheers to many more years to come and only three more days until he comes home for Christmas!!


Virginia News: Tacky Light Run

I will be the first to admit that I not or ever have been a runner. While I accept this fact, I enjoy a good run in the morning or anytime to relieve stress! So when my sister asked me to run in the CarMax Tacky Light Run in Richmond I couldn’t resist! What could be more perfect than a night run with Christmas lights as your guide?!


As a 6k course, this run is guarneteed to be a spectacular of lights and a sight of your traditional tacky Christmas sweaters! Yes, thats right…tacky outfits are highly encourage! I am so excited to run this race tonight with my sister! Wish us luck!!

White Christmas Sangria

When it comes to fancy drinks I am all for ordering one at a bar, restaurant and all the above. However, I have never been the best a making such drinks simply because I am not great at mixing equal portions of alcohol and mixer. Luckily, I surprised myself recently when making White Christmas Sangria for a work decorating party and it was a hit! The most time consuming part was cutting the apples and trust me if I can make it so can you! I even dressed up the cup by garnishing them with rosemary!


1.5 L Bottle of Pinto Grigio
1 C White Grade Juice
1 C Club Soda
1/2 C Sugar
2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Braeburn Apples
2 1/2 C Cranberries
1 Lg Spring of Rosemary {and some for garnish}

Here’s the recipe!

(1) Cut all the apples in equal sizes
(2) Combine the ingredients
(3) Stir together until sugar dissolves
(4) Chill for no more than 6 hours!

For garnish I lightly tosses small sprigs of rosemary in water and then in sugar! Next, I placed them in the refrigerator to chill and harden! It made for a beautiful decoration once the drinks were pored!


Be the Perfect Holiday Party Guest

Whether you are about to attend your bestie’s annual tacky sweater party or your work’s Christmas party you should always do a few things that are not only Emily Post approved, but will make you the perfect holiday party guest!

Bring a hostess giftThis mostly pertains to holiday party at someone’s home, but no matter the party venue I would still bring a little something. Please note this does not have to be a lavish gift!! My go-to hostess gift is a bottle of wine in a cute gift bag! Sophisticated Yellow has a tutorial for a precious DIY burlap wine bag that makes an inexpensive bottle of wine a little more personal.

RSVP! This is one of my biggest pet peeves with our society to date! After my sister’s wedding invitations went out the amount of people who did not RSVP before the deadline was astonishing. Again, it does not matter who is throwing the party or if the invitation is sent out via Facebook or The Paperless post please, please, please never forget to RSVP!


Do not be “that girl.” The stereotypically girl I am referring to is the girl who goes from lovely to lush by the end of the night of a company party. Yes, there can be a lot of awkward moments or that cute guy {maybe even Leonardo DiCaprio worthy} you’ve been wanted to talk to, but alcohol won’t help! Needless to say, know your limits! Remember: any poor choses you make at company parties will affect you during working hours.


Don’t bring uninvited guests. If bringing a guest or two is verbally stated or written on the invitation by all means bring a gal pal or your beau. If not? Then do not even think about it and should you ask to do so it will create an uncomfortable situation for your hostess.