National Average Wedding Cost

As someone who works in the wedding industry, I see plenty of photos of weddings from over-the-top whimsy to beachside elopements. Like many girls my age, visit my Pinterest page and you’ll see thousands of wedding related pins. The modern bride is trend savvy and wants her wedding to stand above the rest. This of course puts pressure on many wedding professionals to stay atop of the latest greatest, innovative wedding ideas that their target bride can’t resist. With all of this being said, it should be not surprise that the national average wedding cost is higher than it has ever been! After surveying nearly 13,000 brides, The Knot found the average American bride is spending around $29,858. Be sure to view the image below to see the break down of price by category, and it won’t be a shocker why this price has sky rocketed!



Fab Find: Plum Pretty Sugar

If you’ve been up on your real weddings featured in some of the hottest wedding publications and blogs, then you may have seen today’s fab find! The silk, floral robes from Plum Pretty Sugar are absolutely perfect for making your “getting ready” photos even more swanky. Even if you or your best gal isn’t tying the knot soon, don’t let that stop you from purchasing your favorite printed robe from Plum Pretty Sugar! Here are a few of my favorites from the collection, but to see all of there fabulous designs please browse here.

Happy Shopping! XO

Six Staples for Surviving a Summer Wedding

With June on our heels, wedding season kicking off and hot Southern weather rolling in there is a lot happening in the South. What isn’t to love about a summer wedding below the Mason-Dixon line? Well, there is one thing I believe we’d all agree on and that’s the thick, humid, scorching heat that takes over the outdoors come late spring. Since your weekends will be filled with wedding festivities I thought I’d share some tips and tricks to staying cool and comfortable during summer those hot summer nuptials. From spritzers to sunscreen, here are a few of my go-to suggestions for surviving a summer wedding!

Wear Sunscreen. But, seriously…wear sunscreen! Any part of your skin that will be exposed the blaring sun should be slathered in a coat of at least 15 SPF sunscreen. Whether you’re just outside for the cocktail hour or spending the entire afternoon celebrating outside, pack a small bottle in your clutch and reapply between cocktails.

Up-do Your Hair. While an up-do may not be your best look, trust me, you’ll thank me for this suggestion later. The last thing you want is to see the next day are  pictures of your hair looking a hot mess. Make a spa day of it and plan to have your hair done professionally before the big “I do’s.”

Hydrate. Without a doubt, water should be your best friend on the big day! There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the bride and groom’s signature cocktails, but to avoid dehydration and becoming “that girl” at your friend’s wedding be sure to toss back plenty of H2O.

Pack Your Shades. Making sure to wear your sunglasses should be a given, but I can’t even count the number of times I’ve left them at home! Save your beautiful eyes (and eye makeup) and please, please remember to bring your stylish shades. I always keep a backup pair in my car just in case too!

Spritzers. No, I am not referring to white wine spritzers! I’m talking about those precious petite Evian Facial Sprays. These gems are a true lifesavers and are one of my favorite go-tos for warm weather, from beach to wedding days.

Dress Appropriately. Normally I would say that beauty is pain, but when it comes to the humid air I raise the white flag! Keep it cool with a seersuckers sundress or your favorite lightweight Lilly dress; because there is nothing worse then wearing a tight dress or anything silk to a summer wedding!!

DIY Darling: Tassle Garland

With graduation on my heels you would assume that I would be concerned with finding a job, but that isn’t the case. Instead,  decorations for my graduation party is what’s truly consuming me! Playing off the theme of my announcements I’ve decided to have a little do-it-yourself fun and design tassel garland to deck the porch during the celebration. While it’s no secret that everyone is just smitten with this darling decor accent, I couldn’t help but share HGTV’s easy as pie how-to.


Here’s what you will need:

  • 1/2 Sheet of 20″ X 20″ Tissue Paper {this is per tassel!}
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or Cord


Step One: Fringe. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and in half the other way. Cut strips towards the fold to create fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the fold line. Once all strips are cut, unfold the tissue and cut in half so you have 2 sheets with fringe (to make 2 tassels).

Step Two: Twist. Unfold tissue paper. Begin rolling tightly down the middle crease. 

Step Three: Loop. Continue rolling, fold in half and then twist to create a loop for hanging.

To read more on HGTV’s Make Your Own Tissue Paper Tassel Garland browse here! Happy Crafting!

Fab Find: Rifle Paper Co.

Recently, I read the New York times feature article, The Found Art of Thank You Notes. True to it’s title, this article sheds light on the beauty, timelessness, and obvious proper manner that drive the idea of letters as an art form. I think Emily Post would agree that there is never a bad time to send someone a letter, thank you note, or card. This ideology my inspiration for today’s “Fab Find” – Rifle Paper Co. While its website is filled with everything from phone cases to prints, they offer some of the most beautiful stationary I have ever laid my eyes on! To make it even better, all of their products are printed right here in the U-S of A!


What began is a boutique stationary and gift shop in Florida for husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond, quickly became a must-have for stationery lovers around the country. The majority of their products are elegant and whimsical, with a handwritten twist. I have loved everything that I’ve purchase from Rifle Paper Co. especially my “You’re the Bees Knees” card and Botanical Rose phone case! Here are a few of my favorite greeting card offerings and I hope it inspires you to join in on celebrating the art of a hand written letter!


2014 Wedding Trends

So…you’ve said “Yes!” to your handsome man, popped the question to your best friends and now you don’t know what to do! Many brides are afraid of the wedding planning process because let’s be honest, it can be extremely stressful. A great starting point you may ask? Well, checking out the latest, greatest 2014 weddings trends of course!

Just like fashion trends, it’s inevitable that wedding trends will change every year. What has brides swooning this year? The “naked” cake, jumpsuits (not dresses!), hashtags, unplugged weddings, garland centerpieces, chair swag, full bloom bouquets and ribbon are just a few!  

While I have given you a few of my absolute favorite 2014 wedding trends, there is always one important detail of every wedding. Remember that your wedding is just that…it’s your own! If whatever is trending in the wedding industry doesn’t suit your color scheme or personality, skip it! Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so enjoy every moment 🙂

Congratulations to all of you lucky ladies saying “I do” this year! I hope today’s post gives you some inspiration for planning your big day!

So You Said “Yes!”

Congratulations to any lucky lady who said “Yes!” over the holiday season, but today’s blog isn’t about you! No, it is about your sisters, besties, future family, sorority sisters and whoever else you’ve asked to be apart of your big day!

While I’ve only been a bridesmaid three times in my life (one time as the MOH), I’ve witnessed my fair share of a variety of bridesmaids. From the bitter sister to the attention hungry harlot, there can be so many personalities in a single wedding party. With this in mind, I have a few tips on how to be a perfect maid leading up to the big day and of course the day of!

  1. You weren’t asked to be the Maid of Honor – get over it! If the bride’s future sister-in-law was somehow crowned the MOH over you, the girl who spent countless summers with her, learn accept it. Yes, it sucks, but you’ve never let a title break you down before, so why start now?
  2. Never stop offering your assistance. From the DIY bride who will need help crafting every aspect of her day to the bride who wants to do everything herself, always offer your help. You won’t be asked to perform brain surgery, so what’s so bad about in sealing a few save-the-date’s and sipping on some Pinot while y’all are at it.
  3. Throw her the party SHE wants. Whether it’s a Monograms and Mimosas shower or a wild Las Vegas bachelorette party, grab y’alls closest gal pals and plan the bride the party she wants! Remember, your time will come soon enough for the party theme you’ve kept hidden on your secret Pinterest board!
  4. Don’t talk about the bride with your fellow bridesmaids! If your bride turns into the stereotypical bridezilla…never, ever, ever talk behind her back, especially with the other bridesmaids! Besides the fact that it could (and probably will) get back to the bride, it creates a bad atmosphere among everyone in the wedding party!
  5. Hate your dress, the theme or her decision to host fire throwers during the reception  One thing that I’ve learned the most is to just go with the flow. Like I said earlier, remember this isn’t your wedding! Paint a smile on your face if you must, but supporting your bride will be worth seeing her tears of joy on her big day when you’re standing in front of her in that mustard-yellow dress.


Congratulations for being ask to be apart of the biggest day in someone’s life! This job is such an honor and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

Engagement Season

Everyone is well aware that wedding season begins in May and lasts throughout the summer, but did you know that the holidays kick off engagement season?! With this in mind I had to share The Knot’s video on what NOT to say to a newly engaged friend. While t is a hysterical video, it’s sadly in the comments we sometimes make when we find out our friend is engaged! Enjoy!