32 Things That Make Me Happy

I thought that I would spice up my usual blog post with something a little personal! What better way to know someone than having a list of 32 things that make them happy? Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either! Hopefully y’all will find this as interesting as my regular posts! Enjoy!



  1. Living My Dreams
  2. Every Little Thing About My Boyfriend
  3. My Family
  4. Sitting on the Porch Drinking a Bud Light
  5. Summer Nights with Good Friends
  6. Red, Red Wine
  7. Weddings!
  8. My Planner! {Can’t live without it!}
  9. Puppies
  10. Nike Shorts – Otherwise Known as Norts
  11. Sushi
  12. Crisp Fall Weather
  13. Pinterest
  14. Nail Polish
  15. Graduation is in LESS Than a Month! Eek!
  16. Alabama Football
  17. Reading on the Beach
  18. True Friends
  19. Sunday Brunch
  20. Happy Hour
  21. Being Southern
  22. Date Nights with My Love
  23. Wine tours in Charlottesville, Virginia
  24. Shopping
  25. Lilly Pulitzer
  26. Freshly Made Guacamole
  27. Christmas!
  28. Cowboy Boots
  29. Adventures with My Sister
  30. Icing!
  31. Candles
  32. Party Planning



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