Five Mimosas for Easter Brunch

Every year I do the same thing for Easter. We spend the early part of the day at church and then head to Nana’s to gorge in homemade butter rolls, spiral ham, pound cake, and just about every Southern goodness you can imagine! While it’s not likely that I will be partaking in today’s blog topic, I couldn’t help but share a little brunch inspiration for those of you who can. Because champagne goes with everything for every occasion, here are my top five favorite mimosas that are perfect for this year’s Easter brunch.


Carrot Mimosa. Naturally delicious and nutritious, pair carrot juice with Prosecco and a sprig of parsley. This is one of my favorite new twists on the traditional mimosa! And wouldn’t you know, it even resembles a carrot! {Image from The Kitchn}

Grapefruit Mimosa. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit, but I will be for this pretty-in-pink mimosa. Select a sweet champagne to cut out the super sourness of the juice and top it off with your favorite colored bunny peep! {Image from Celebrations At Home}

Strawberry, Lemon and Basil Mimosa. Looking for lots of color?! This is the perfect mimosa for you! Packed with fresh basil, frozen strawberries and zesty lemon this recipe screams Springtime. Toss those goodies into a honey, champagne, and sparkling water concoction to relish in this refreshing cocktail.  {Image from Food Network}

Rhubarb Mimosa. Boil four stalks of rhubarb, one cup of sugar and two cups of water to set the base for this modern mimosa. Add a bit of mint, strain and cool the syrupy sweetness, and add plenty of Prosecco to indulge in a glass of pure happiness. {Image from Food Network}

Blood Orange Mimosa. Simply squeeze blood oranges to make one to two ounces of juice, pour into your best flute, and top it off with ice cold champagne. To make it even fancier, add a slice of an orange peel and a sprig of fresh thyme! {Image from Spoon Fork Bacon}

Enjoy! XO


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