Southern Belle Secrets

For a little fun today, I thought that I would share a few of my favorite Southern Belle Secrets! All of these more-than-true sayings were found thanks to Pinterest! Enjoy!



Fab Find: Essie’s Too Taboo Collection

Pop! Fizz! Clink! Anyone else excited about Essie’s Too Taboo Summer 2014 collection?! As a gal who is obsessed with nail polish and buys new, swanky colors any chance I get – I am over the moon excited!


Usually, I only like a few of Essie’s polishes out of their seasonal offerings, but they hit the nail on the head with this collection! From “Sittin’ Pretty” to “Serial Shopper” I adore every color! These gorgeous polishes are available Thursday, May 1 so be sure to head to the nearest shoppe to swipe your card because these are sure to fly off the shelves!

Essie NEON Color

Happy Shopping! Xo


Fab Find: Five Beach Must Haves

I am fit to be tied with all of this beautiful warm weather we’ve been blessed with in Virginia! Without a doubt, my mind has been consumed with Summertime and beach adventures. Today’s Fab Find is inspired by just that and hosts some of my absolute favorite must-haves of a day at the beach!



  1. Cotton Snaps. A modern version of your standard croakies, this must-have is magnetic and won’t mess up those adorable beach waves you worked so hard to create! I first purchased a pair last year and after getting sun soaked, I couldn’t wait to purchase another this season. From Presidential to Seersucker, Cotton Snaps need to be in your beach bag this Summer!
  2. Monogram Floppy Hats. Because who doesn’t love a fashionable way to protect your scalp and hair from the damaging sun?! Marley Lilly has by far the best selection of monogram floppy hats in any color that you could possible imagine. My personal favorite has to be the Derby Hat – Floppy Light Aqua Outline. Aqua goes with just about any monogram thread color and will look super swanky poolside.
  3. Maui Babe. First off, I can’t believe that I am sharing one of my biggest tanning secrets; secondly, it really isn’t a secret, but this product is heaven! Oddly enough, my boyfriend introduced me to Maui Babe last Summer when I went to visit him in Hawaii. I was a bronzed goddess after day one and as you can image, completely hooked! Now, this product has become my go-to tanning lotion and I couldn’t imagine laying out without it. {Please stay protected against skin cancer and  remember to Practice Safe Tanning!}
  4. Beach Spiker. Imagine that you just made an icy cocktail on the beach and you set your cup down in the sand for just one moment. When you crave your beverage and pick up your glass, your hands (and basically everything around you) become smothered in sand. Best way to prevent this? Purchase a beach spiker from Etsy or your local boutique to save your self and your cocktail from being consumed with a sandy coat.
  5. Moroccan Oil. I try not to complain about how hot my full head of thick hair makes me on a day at the beach. However, once I dive into the salty sea or cloudy river my hair becomes one big knot! I have learn to combat this tangled mess with lathering my mane with Moroccan Oil before taking part in water activities. This product has saved my hair so many times it is unreal and I couldn’t imagine a day at the beach without it.

I hope today’s Fab Find has you ready to fill your beach bag with lots of Summer goodies! Together these must-haves will make the perfect beach day and will turn you into the mermaid we all secretly long to be. Enjoy!

Secrets of an Anonymous Tweeter

After yesterday’s post on 32 Things That Makes Me Happy, I found a little inspiration to share something most people do not know about me: I was an antonymous tweeter. I’m sure that many of you follow a parody account or another an anonymous user that’s relatable to your life, but do you really understand the grunt work behind running that type of account? Well, I can honestly say that I do and it was one of the most emotionally draining things I have ever done.

It began when my boyfriend joined the Army. None of my friends or family could possibly understand what I was going through when my love of five years was shipped out to boot camp. I searched and searched for a way to connect with other girls who I could share my experience with, and oddly enough I found it on Twitter. Using the hashtags #milso and #milsoproblems, I opened doors to a whole new world that many of you probably have no idea exists. After connecting and forming friendships with other military significant others (MilSOs), I decided it was high time I create my own anonymous Twitter account.

After months creating my account and gaining well-over 1,000 followers I became a support system for other girls new to the military lifestyle. Each morning I would design inspirational tweets. Throughout the day I’d share my own battles with finding strengthen in being away from my significant other. Each night I would end the day with hope that tomorrow is a new start and they were one day closer to seeing their love. All the while, I would constantly respond to messages that flooded my inbox to help other girls get through the worst part of a long distance relationship – the first few months.

Maybe it’s just me, but I loved every minute of knowing that I was helping another person overcome the trials and tribulations of military relationships. I had no idea how time consuming and draining it could be – it takes a truly special person to be an anonymous tweeter. Being a full time college student and working part time put ended up putting my Twitter account on the back burner. From tweeting all day to sporadically, I felt like I was doing a disservice to the MilSO world. And then one day during my final weeks of my Senior year of collage and after months of running my account, I just stopped. I found that my own emotions were running high each time I logged on and I couldn’t find the time to continue.

If you are thinking of or are currently running an anonymous Twitter account, please know what you are in for and how much your followers depend on you. Depending on the content of your account, you can mean so much to so many people even though they have no idea who you truly are. Sometimes, connecting with a stranger helps people reveal their real thoughts and feelings of their current situation.


32 Things That Make Me Happy

I thought that I would spice up my usual blog post with something a little personal! What better way to know someone than having a list of 32 things that make them happy? Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either! Hopefully y’all will find this as interesting as my regular posts! Enjoy!



  1. Living My Dreams
  2. Every Little Thing About My Boyfriend
  3. My Family
  4. Sitting on the Porch Drinking a Bud Light
  5. Summer Nights with Good Friends
  6. Red, Red Wine
  7. Weddings!
  8. My Planner! {Can’t live without it!}
  9. Puppies
  10. Nike Shorts – Otherwise Known as Norts
  11. Sushi
  12. Crisp Fall Weather
  13. Pinterest
  14. Nail Polish
  15. Graduation is in LESS Than a Month! Eek!
  16. Alabama Football
  17. Reading on the Beach
  18. True Friends
  19. Sunday Brunch
  20. Happy Hour
  21. Being Southern
  22. Date Nights with My Love
  23. Wine tours in Charlottesville, Virginia
  24. Shopping
  25. Lilly Pulitzer
  26. Freshly Made Guacamole
  27. Christmas!
  28. Cowboy Boots
  29. Adventures with My Sister
  30. Icing!
  31. Candles
  32. Party Planning


Fab Find: Evelyn Henson

Do you love modern art filled with colorful palettes, patterned details, and fancy fancy all topped off with a feminine touch?! Well you’ll just adore my most recent “Fab Find!” I first discovered Evelyn Henson on Pinterest when her Richmond Map Print caught my eye. I was lead to her website and stumbled upon an inventory full of artistic treasures! From personalized paintings, lucite trays, and budget friendly prints there isn’t a single detail of Evelyn Henson’s work that I wouldn’t want hanging on my walls. Whether your looking to brighten up your office space or searching for the perfect conversation piece, I guarantee you’ll find it in her online shop.

Here’s a peak of a few of my favorite Evelyn Henson designs:

If you love Evelyn Henson’s work, but haven’t found your ideal piece – look into her Commission Paintings to personalize your experience! Happy Shopping! Xo

Five Mimosas for Easter Brunch

Every year I do the same thing for Easter. We spend the early part of the day at church and then head to Nana’s to gorge in homemade butter rolls, spiral ham, pound cake, and just about every Southern goodness you can imagine! While it’s not likely that I will be partaking in today’s blog topic, I couldn’t help but share a little brunch inspiration for those of you who can. Because champagne goes with everything for every occasion, here are my top five favorite mimosas that are perfect for this year’s Easter brunch.


Carrot Mimosa. Naturally delicious and nutritious, pair carrot juice with Prosecco and a sprig of parsley. This is one of my favorite new twists on the traditional mimosa! And wouldn’t you know, it even resembles a carrot! {Image from The Kitchn}

Grapefruit Mimosa. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit, but I will be for this pretty-in-pink mimosa. Select a sweet champagne to cut out the super sourness of the juice and top it off with your favorite colored bunny peep! {Image from Celebrations At Home}

Strawberry, Lemon and Basil Mimosa. Looking for lots of color?! This is the perfect mimosa for you! Packed with fresh basil, frozen strawberries and zesty lemon this recipe screams Springtime. Toss those goodies into a honey, champagne, and sparkling water concoction to relish in this refreshing cocktail.  {Image from Food Network}

Rhubarb Mimosa. Boil four stalks of rhubarb, one cup of sugar and two cups of water to set the base for this modern mimosa. Add a bit of mint, strain and cool the syrupy sweetness, and add plenty of Prosecco to indulge in a glass of pure happiness. {Image from Food Network}

Blood Orange Mimosa. Simply squeeze blood oranges to make one to two ounces of juice, pour into your best flute, and top it off with ice cold champagne. To make it even fancier, add a slice of an orange peel and a sprig of fresh thyme! {Image from Spoon Fork Bacon}

Enjoy! XO

DIY Darling: Tassle Garland

With graduation on my heels you would assume that I would be concerned with finding a job, but that isn’t the case. Instead,  decorations for my graduation party is what’s truly consuming me! Playing off the theme of my announcements I’ve decided to have a little do-it-yourself fun and design tassel garland to deck the porch during the celebration. While it’s no secret that everyone is just smitten with this darling decor accent, I couldn’t help but share HGTV’s easy as pie how-to.


Here’s what you will need:

  • 1/2 Sheet of 20″ X 20″ Tissue Paper {this is per tassel!}
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or Cord


Step One: Fringe. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and in half the other way. Cut strips towards the fold to create fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the fold line. Once all strips are cut, unfold the tissue and cut in half so you have 2 sheets with fringe (to make 2 tassels).

Step Two: Twist. Unfold tissue paper. Begin rolling tightly down the middle crease. 

Step Three: Loop. Continue rolling, fold in half and then twist to create a loop for hanging.

To read more on HGTV’s Make Your Own Tissue Paper Tassel Garland browse here! Happy Crafting!

13 Reasons PR Girls Are Going To Take Over The World

Thought Catalog

As someone who is lucky enough to work in an industry heavily populated with PR girls, I have recently come to the conclusion that they are, in fact, the most perfect creatures that God has blessed us with. Between their endless energy, powerful networking, and untouchable leather iPad cover game, they are poised to take over the world. Here, 13 reasons why:

1. They never stop working. You will receive an email from them at 6:30 AM, presumably sent from the gym. You will receive an email from them at 11:45 PM, likely sent from their table at a fusion restaurant. Both emails will be perfectly-written, and full of whatever pertinent information you didn’t even realize you needed. PR girls never sleep, only close their eyes for a few minutes at a time and then get back to work.

2. They look good while doing it. One way to spot…

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Five Hostess Gifts For Any Occasion

By now you should know that I adore hosting parties, but I also really love attending them too! When I am invited to a friendly gathering whether it’s a bridesmaid’s luncheon or weekly wine night, I always try to bring a gift for the hostess. Over the past few years I’ve selected five go-to gifts that are perfect for all of those occasions, even if they are last minute!  Hopefully, you’ll be able to find these items at your disposal when gearing up to attend your next party.

  1. Wine. Without a doubt, wine is the easiest hostess gift you could possibly purchase. Don’t be cheap, but don’t over do it either. Go with what would be considered a house red or white, IF you don’t know their personal preference. Put it in a cutesy bag and you’re ready to go!
  2. Candles. Not too sweet or not too strong, candles rank among the top of my hostess gift selection. Purchase a staple candle that would go great in their kitchen or living space. If you aren’t sure that they may have an allergy to certain scents, select a candle that’s has elegant detail and is scent free.
  3. Coasters. Paper coasters are super cute and typically not too pricey. If you have the time to spare, head over to Etsy and place your order (personal favorite – Haute Paper Collections). No time at all? Of course try to shop locally, but if that isn’t possible over night these adorable Kate Spade Glitter Coasters.
  4. Tea Towels. The darling tea towels of today are not something you’d find at your grandmother’s house. Printed with quotes/sayings of anything from racy and humorous to sweet and uplifting, you cannot have enough of these gems. Per usual, Etsy always has a great selection and a few of my favorites has to be “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck,” the Crab and Sand Dollar tea towel, and the “Here in the South” tea towel.
  5. Flowers. My last hostess go-to is and always will be flowers. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of seasonal floral, even if they are from Kroger?! While I know you can be a little more creative then flowers, this is perfect for the last minute invite or if you don’t know the hostess that well.

I hope this sweet and simple go-to list gives you inspiration and ideas for the next party you attend! Just remember that when in doubt, always bright a little something rather then showing up empty handed!