Must Read Monday: Fifty Shades Trilogy

For starters, yes I did read “them.” In fact, I read each book front to back; and honestly, I would read it again! Before you jump to conclusions, please listen to what I have to say about the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I love these books as a whole. Sure, as a Southern Baptist, the first book was painful (pun intended) to get through. However, as I kept reading a storyline developed and the plot thickened throughout each book. The  more I read, the more I became invested.


If you’re a follower of my Must Read Mondays then you know I am a sucker for books that become movies. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is set to begin its debut February 2015 and I cannot wait! The romance, mystery, darkness and suspension drives this series to the successful story it is today. If you haven’t started reading these novels yet I highly suggest you do so. Enjoy 🙂


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