The Quarter Life Crisis

I am 24-years-old, in my “prime” as some would say. In less than three months, I will be graduating with my master’s degree and the world is my oyster. I could take a job hundreds of miles away, I could start my own company, I could travel the world…the options are limitless. Many people, around my age, are consumed with the hustle and bustle of life, trying to aspire to be the best person they can ultimately be. But, when do we become so consumed to “what could be” that feel overwhelmed and gravitate toward things that will bring us the most security and comfort? This is the idea of having a quarter life crisis.

It’s always been my personal goal to achieve big dreams and not settle for less. Now, the opportunity to do those things is knocking on my door and I am at a cross road. Everyday I wonder if I should take a big job in the city or move back to my hometown and wait for my significant other to return from the military. There are so many positivities and negatives to each that it has driven me to insanity! I just want someone  to say this is what you need to do and you will achieve goal A, B, and C. In reality, I know it isn’t that easy and will never be, but boy do I wish it was!

A quarter life crisis is not the end all – be all existance to our very being. It’s a fact that no one wants to make a wrong decision or take the wrong opportunity and simply settle for a life of “what ifs’.” Overcoming the quarter life crisis is a leap of faith; like turning in that final exam or getting over a bad breakup or even dealing with grief. We all go through it and I believe there are two things you can do to take this crisis by the horns: encourage and inspire.

To encourage others you’re helping others to take the plunge and accept that big job in Atlanta or  start up their own consulting firm. In essence, you are encouraging them to not be scared to take a chance and that settling for status quo just isn’t acceptable. Knowing that being a hypocrite simply isn’t suitable, this has encouraged me to do the same. Be encouraged, be vulnerable and know that it’s okay to not have it all together.

To inspire we can drive a sense of motivational success in ourselves and others. Whether you choose to be a leader or follower, inspiration comes from so many angles that we just have to open our eyes to all that life has to offer. By not letting the idea of a quarter life crisis consume you, you’ll be able to make decisions based on what you want and be the inspiration for others as well. Take a step back from the big picture mentality and look at each puzzle piece in front of you.

Life is full of twists, turns, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and dreams. There’s no such thing as perfect timing and you’ll never know if something if worth it unless you do it. We hold the ability to encourage and inspire ourselves by being living testimonies.


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