Must Read Monday: The Help

Just when I thought that pretty much everyone has seen or at least read the book The Help, I proved myself wrong! I couldn’t believe how many how many people hadn’t pick up this amazing book yet, and shame on you if you haven’t! This novel, written by Kathry Stocket, is powerful, passionate, and will make you feel proud of how far America has come.

It was 1962 in the deep South of Mississippi, when “Skeeter,” a 22-year-old journalist [hopeful] travels back to her roots after getting her college degree. With her mother constantly trying to marry her away and all of the Junior League gossip, Skeeter was ready to leave home as quickly as she arrived. Once she gets her big chance to take a job in the big apple, Skeeter must craft a story to show off her talent and prove that she is an exceptional writer.

What she uncovers, is beyond her belief. Skeeter always knew that “the help” or servants of Southern homes were never treated fairly, but she never truly understood the real extent. Standing up for what she believes in despite her mother, the town and new lover; Skeeter finds her own new found freedom.

Happy Reading!


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