Must Read Monday: The Choice

We are faced with thousands of choices everyday. From deciding if you want a venti or grande latte to whether or not you should take that jobs hundreds of miles away from home; it’s a simple fact. Nicholas Sparks’s novel The Choice brings up on of the most “heart-wrenching” choices of all: how far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?


Travis Parker seemingly has it all – great career, friends, life and a beautiful North Carolina home that looks over a lake. There truly isn’t anything he could want more, until Gabby Hollands moves in next door. As the reader, you are taken through their love story and will get a first-hand account of their journey as it unfolds before you.


The inspiration behind The Choice is another novel by Nicholas Spark you may know, The NotebookThat is the one reason why I decided to pick up The ChoiceIf you think that this novel mirrors The Notebook, it truly doesn’t. Sure, it is a love story and there is some turmoil…but isn’t that every Nicholas Sparks novel? The town, the story and most of all the characters in the novel completely stand on their own in a charismatic way;  you would have no idea it was influenced by one of Sparks’s most popular novels.

While the movie release date has not been announced, The Choice will hit the big screen soon! Stay tuned!!


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