Fab Find: Jimmy and Sook

It is truly amazing how a clothing line or brand can make you feel an instant connection to another person. Just last week I was bopping around town and something caught my attention…it was a gentleman in a red polo with the blue crab embroidered on the left side of the shirt. As someone who grew up in the Northern Neck their entire life, I knew exactly where that shirt came from, Jimmy and Sook.


Located in the heart of Irvington, Virginia, Jimmy and Sook began as a men’s boutique in 2008 and has since expanded to it’s line to cater to women, children and infants.  All of their products from hats, totes, outerwear, phone cases and yes, even wine koozies, are embossed with their iconic blue crab logo. You can’t help but love everything about their brand, especially if you are a true lover of the Northern Neck. (For all of you city gals and guys, the term “Jimmy” refers to a male crab and “Sook” refers to a female crab.)

Lucky for you, if you shop on their website, Jimmyandsook.com, you will receive 25% off at checkout using code “25,” but hurry because this code expires February 28, 2014!

I have to take a second to brag about my nephew, who recently modeled for Jimmy and Sook! Doesn’t he look absolutely handsome?!

Happy Shopping!


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