Guys Really Do Listen!

As someone who believes in the lost art of a handwritten letter, I have always thought calligraphy is one of the most beautiful skills. I mentioned to my boyfriend a while back that I would love to take up calligraphy and to my surprise he gave me a beginner’s set as my Valentine’s present! I was beside myself that he remembered something I casually mentioned during one of our phone dates! This present much better than flowers and I cannot wait to start this venture of learning this beautiful art.

In case you think calligraphy is just like “normal” writing…I have news for you. It isn’t! It is much more difficult then I ever imagined and I will definitely be researching online classes to learn the correct way to write. I must admit that I couldn’t help myself to try my new calligraphy set the night that I got it in. Don’t worry I’ve shared a picture below of my first attempt! It isn’t pretty, but you have to start somewhere!!

If you too are wanting to start learning calligraphy and wonder where to start, my starter kit was purchased from What Katie Does. (A photo of the starter kit is pictured above!) She also hosts an online beginner session and lots of helpful tips to get started. Happy Writing!


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