Long Distance Love

In elementary school everyone brought their favorite pull-apart Valentine’s (and sometimes candy) to exchange with their fellow classmates. In high school, the principal started dismissal early on Valentine’s just to call girls’ names over the intercom who received flowers. Talk about humiliating  if your boyfriend didn’t get you flowers that day!! Not to leave you guessing, but yes I was the girl who picked out sparkly, Disney princess Valentines cards to exchange with my classmates and my name was called over the intercom to pick up my overpriced, hot pink roses from my sweet boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I have been long distance longer than I would like to admit. Let’s just say thanks to my college career and his military career, we’ve spent more Valentine’s a part than together. I won’t sugar coat it, it’s easy to get caught up in this holiday carried by companies like Florists, Hallmark, and Godiva Chocolates. To be honest, there was one Valentine’s Day where I stayed in bed in cried  because being surrounded by love made me miss the one that I love. But,thankfully that isn’t me any more. Being in a long distance relationship makes you stronger and you learn to do one simple thing to get through hard days: you live.


Sure, I could spend today crying enough to fill up the Atlantic Ocean, just because I saw few silly hearts every place I go and couples displaying a little too much PDA. I have never been bitter about spending Valentine’s day alone and nor to do I plan to. I’m going to call my boyfriend and tell him how much I love him, just like I do every single day. Thanks to Graduate School, I will be spending the evening with my wonderful cohort and may even bake them a sweet treat.

Any holiday spent away from you significant other is not easy. I consider myself very lucky that I can talk to my boyfriend on phone or FaceTime, because many military significant others do not even get that! I hope everyone cherishes the one they love not just today, but every day. Oh, and please do yourself a favor and do not get caught up in all of the commercialization of this holiday!


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