Must Read Monday: Hemingway’s Girl

One of my favorite places to travel to has always been Key West. From sunning at it’s beautiful beaches to dancing the night away at the historic Sloppy Joe’s, this is one of America’s most treasured wonders. Not only is Key West full of so much culture, but it is know to be the home of many authors, artists and celebrities; including Ernest Hemingway.

In her book Hemingway’s Girl, Erika Robuck captures the life of Mariella a young, housemaid of the Hemingway’s.  Know for his multiple marriages and mistresses, Hemingway’s lust causes chaos and tension between his wife, Pauline, and Mariella throughout the novel. Testing the waters with a local waterman, she falls in love and reaches the surface after plot twist that causes her much devastation. This book is the perfect beach read as it takes you  on a ride of family hardships, the wrath of the 1935 hurricane, culture strain and a young lady’s search for love in the Key West sun.


Do yourself a favor and read this book…you will not regret it.


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