Your Cheating Heart

While you may have thought today’s blog was about a Hank Williams tune, I’m sorry to disappointment you, but it’s not. Sadly, a very close friend of mine recently was told by her boyfriend that he cheated on her. As someone who does not have a bad bone in her body and is always full of love, this came out of left field. In the moment, I wanted to transform into Charlotte from Sex and the City by shouting “I curse the day you were born!” as I would hit him with the bouquet of flowers, he conveniently bought her earlier in the week. Thankfully, my better judgement came over me and I bit my tongue.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cheating is such a selfish act and is absolutely despicable. I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be in such a wonderful relationship, where I have never had to deal with this situation. But, during this time that people came together to show support for my friend I realized two interesting sides to people’s reactions. Some said that it was “commendable” that he even told her, while others simply said “Why did he tell her…I wouldn’t want to know.” This sparked a question for me…should my significant other cheat on me, would I want to know? Is naivety truly bliss? This is truly mind-boggling and I’m honestly not sure if I would or would not want to know.

While that question is to my personal demise, I want to say one thing to any person who is currently soul searching after finding out that someone cheated on them. From breaking up to working it out, your friends, family and loved ones are going to give you a million solutions to how you should deal with the situation. I have even given my friends advice, but in the end what do I know because I have been with the same person for eight years. What is important to remember is that the advice you’re given from your loved one directly relates to their situation and how they would handle it. You are your own person, and at the end of the day you need to do what is best for you. If you get back together and it doesn’t work out it isn’t the end of the world and you’ve certainly learned your lesson.
Take a step back, realize your self worth and what a wonderful person you are.


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