So You Said “Yes!”

Congratulations to any lucky lady who said “Yes!” over the holiday season, but today’s blog isn’t about you! No, it is about your sisters, besties, future family, sorority sisters and whoever else you’ve asked to be apart of your big day!

While I’ve only been a bridesmaid three times in my life (one time as the MOH), I’ve witnessed my fair share of a variety of bridesmaids. From the bitter sister to the attention hungry harlot, there can be so many personalities in a single wedding party. With this in mind, I have a few tips on how to be a perfect maid leading up to the big day and of course the day of!

  1. You weren’t asked to be the Maid of Honor – get over it! If the bride’s future sister-in-law was somehow crowned the MOH over you, the girl who spent countless summers with her, learn accept it. Yes, it sucks, but you’ve never let a title break you down before, so why start now?
  2. Never stop offering your assistance. From the DIY bride who will need help crafting every aspect of her day to the bride who wants to do everything herself, always offer your help. You won’t be asked to perform brain surgery, so what’s so bad about in sealing a few save-the-date’s and sipping on some Pinot while y’all are at it.
  3. Throw her the party SHE wants. Whether it’s a Monograms and Mimosas shower or a wild Las Vegas bachelorette party, grab y’alls closest gal pals and plan the bride the party she wants! Remember, your time will come soon enough for the party theme you’ve kept hidden on your secret Pinterest board!
  4. Don’t talk about the bride with your fellow bridesmaids! If your bride turns into the stereotypical bridezilla…never, ever, ever talk behind her back, especially with the other bridesmaids! Besides the fact that it could (and probably will) get back to the bride, it creates a bad atmosphere among everyone in the wedding party!
  5. Hate your dress, the theme or her decision to host fire throwers during the reception  One thing that I’ve learned the most is to just go with the flow. Like I said earlier, remember this isn’t your wedding! Paint a smile on your face if you must, but supporting your bride will be worth seeing her tears of joy on her big day when you’re standing in front of her in that mustard-yellow dress.


Congratulations for being ask to be apart of the biggest day in someone’s life! This job is such an honor and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!


2 thoughts on “So You Said “Yes!”

  1. Glad I didn’t decide to have fire throwers during my reception, because now I know you don’t like that. Thanks for being a great bridesmaid! xo

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