Planning a Dazzling New Years Eve Bash

With my birthday on New Years Day, I love hosting New Years Eve celebration! Everyone in attendance is usually ready to say avior to the current year and start over with a fresh, clean slate! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a party that revolves itself around glitter and champagne?!

This will be one of  the first years that I have decided to brave the crowd and take my celebrations into the city! Honestly, it is because this will be one of the first years I will spend New Years Eve without my boyfriend so I have made the decision to surround myself with family and friends!!

For those of you planning a New Years Eve bash keep it simple and chic with this few tips:

  1. Splurge on Champagne.  This is one of the times of year where over-priced bubbly is acceptable! Everyone is attendance of your soirée will likely choose set their Budweiser or Pinot Gris aside to sip this celebratory drink into midnight. When in doubt? Over purchase!
  2. Keep Décor Simple. Save your money for the champagne and keep all of your New Years Even party décor chic and simple! Whether it be a DIY banner or tossing glitter everywhere don’t let spending your time decorating hurt your bank account or your pre-game!
  3. Go Out With a Bang. Don’t let the party stop once the clock strikes midnight! Pull out those extra fireworks and sparklers left over from July 4th to sparkle into the night. To many hostess let their guest fade around this time so it’s important to keep the party going! Don’t have either of the above? Turn up the music and have your own dance party!


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