Last Minute Holiday Party Ensemble

Oh no! Your boyfriend just called to tell you his work Christmas party is tonight?! Just got talked into hosting your bestie’s annual cookie swap after her apartment lost power? Whatever sticky situation you seem to be thrown in {from personal experience} I already know your first thought: “What am I suppose to wear?!”

I’ve found myself in too many situations like these, which is exactly why I have compiled this short and sweet list of wardrobe staples you should have in your closet at all times to be prepared!!

  1. RED. This sensual color is definitely a year-round power color, but it screams “I’m festive!” this time of year! Whether it’s a sequence dress, wedges {must have!} or a chunky statement necklace, throw on anything red and your a prepared for whatever holiday party comes your way!
  2. SEQUENCE/GLITTER. This is the one time of year you can publicly get away with overdosing your outfit in sequence and glitter! Investing in a hot little skirt or a dazzling top can do wonders for a last-mintue outfit you now only have minutes to put together after teasing all that hair! {Time is ticking!!}
  3. METALLICS. Remember that traditional holiday classic, ‘Silver and Gold?’ Keep these two fabulous metallics in mind when throwing together a holiday ensemble. Yes, simply pairing your gold Tory Burch clutch with a LBD will be perfect!
  4. BLACK. If you do not have a LBD in your wardrobe then bless your heart! There is absolutely nothing more essential to your closet then this! If you do not have any of the above items, then always fall back on your figure flattering LBD.

Good Luck!!


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