Be the Perfect Holiday Party Guest

Whether you are about to attend your bestie’s annual tacky sweater party or your work’s Christmas party you should always do a few things that are not only Emily Post approved, but will make you the perfect holiday party guest!

Bring a hostess giftThis mostly pertains to holiday party at someone’s home, but no matter the party venue I would still bring a little something. Please note this does not have to be a lavish gift!! My go-to hostess gift is a bottle of wine in a cute gift bag! Sophisticated Yellow has a tutorial for a precious DIY burlap wine bag that makes an inexpensive bottle of wine a little more personal.

RSVP! This is one of my biggest pet peeves with our society to date! After my sister’s wedding invitations went out the amount of people who did not RSVP before the deadline was astonishing. Again, it does not matter who is throwing the party or if the invitation is sent out via Facebook or The Paperless post please, please, please never forget to RSVP!


Do not be “that girl.” The stereotypically girl I am referring to is the girl who goes from lovely to lush by the end of the night of a company party. Yes, there can be a lot of awkward moments or that cute guy {maybe even Leonardo DiCaprio worthy} you’ve been wanted to talk to, but alcohol won’t help! Needless to say, know your limits! Remember: any poor choses you make at company parties will affect you during working hours.


Don’t bring uninvited guests. If bringing a guest or two is verbally stated or written on the invitation by all means bring a gal pal or your beau. If not? Then do not even think about it and should you ask to do so it will create an uncomfortable situation for your hostess.


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