Shop Local Black Friday

I must admit, I have always viewed going shopping right after Thanksgiving dinner as barbaric. As a true believer in traditional holidays it has always been my opinion that the holidays are about spending time with  family, not about getting the best deal from the J. Crew outlet!


With this in mind, last year was the first year that I ever went shopping on Black Friday. While you may think that this next statement is slightly hypocritical…I went with my mom and sister and we shopped in our town at locally owned (not corporate) shops. Needless, to say it was one of the best feelings in the world! Having the ability to put money back into the community that I have known and grown up in my entire childhood was an absolute honor. So with Black Friday on our heels, I beg of you to research deals that your local shops are offering and shop there instead of big box stores! 


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