Living for the Weekend

It’s no secret that by Sunday evening most of you are loathing the thought of having to head back to work or hit the books the next day. I know that I do (or use to)! I spent my Mondays going to the gym, getting ready for work, going to work, waiting to get off, going back home to watch The Bachlorette or The Voice and then heading to bed with thankful thoughts that I am one day closer to the weekend…


The problem with this is what you are living for the weekend, not in the present. We so easily allow our lives to simply us by and just hold on to the fact that Friday is another day closer. But, let’s be honest here…not every day is promised and  if we are living each day just going through the motions then are we truly living? I don’t meant to be so deep this early, however this is a huge problem!! Cheesy or not, I believe that we should live each day like it is our last and live in the moment.

As everyone’s Facebook news feed is filled with people posting things daily this month with thankful thoughts, I offer a challenge to you. Be thankful everyday, stop going through the motions and stop living for the weekend. Trust me. You’re “case of the Mondays” will disappear and your outlook on life will be soooo much better!


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