God Bless Our Veterans

There are a few things that stick out in my memory as a little country girl who spent her days on the farm with her grandparents during the summer. While playing with the animals and picking flowers in my Nana’s garden were obviously some of my favorite things, going to VFW {Veterans of Foreign Wars} events were something that we always did. At the time, I know that was the last thing I wanted to do and as a naive kid who could blame me?! I never really understood the true meaning behind the term veteran. Sure, I had heard stories of my grandfather’s deployment during World World II, but did I realize the sacrifice our servicemen and women endured and are still enduring today? No, not at all.

Today, my heart is full of gratitude and pride as an American, protected by our troops who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. I have so many family members who have served our country and I am the proud girlfriend of a U.S. Army solider. All I ask of you is that the next time you see a service man or woman please be sure to recognize them. They are making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, so please take any opportunity you have to say “thank you.”

I know my grandfather is watching over me from heaven every day. If I could do one thing it would be to put my arms around my him and tell him how much his service for our country means to me, something I never got to do before he passed away. Below is a picture of him taken in Germany where he was stationed during WWII. He is one handsome man and I can only hope to be half of the person that he was.



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