Wish I Had Known…

There are so many articles out there with topic like “10 Things You Should Do Before You’re 30” or “20 Things I Wish I Knew Before I was 20” …well I recently stumbled upon this article from Total Frat Move and this is by far one of the best “I Wish I Had Known” articles!

I think we can all admit that being 18 was one of the most difficult point of our lives. You’ve graduated from high school and you’re off to college! Eek! For me there was nothing scarier than leaving my family, friends and boyfriend in Virginia to venture off to God’s Country aka Alabama. With that being said…I think that had I had known at least a few of these 67 things shared in the article I wouldn’t have been as worried!

Here are a few of my favorites:

11. Class can be retaken. Life cannot.
17. No one is perfect. Stop being so hard on yourself.
42 Trust your instincts
49. Wash your makeup off at night.
53. You never need that last shot of vodka, but have it anyway.

67 Things I Wish I Had Known At 18




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